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How will Dialogue’s program be different?

Curated by behavioural scientists and vetted by our clinical team, our digital Wellness program empowers all of your members to proactively adopt healthy habits – regardless of their health and fitness level.

With Dialogue’s Wellness program, you can provide your organization with access to a rich library of health and wellness content, challenges and action plans to:

What customers are saying about Dialogue

Over 40,000 five-star patient reviews

“There are many benefits associated with offering our staff easy access to healthcare services that align with customer and employee satisfaction. We wanted to give our employees the ability to be more proactive and preventative about their health. Dialogue supports our company values and mission, as it directly helps our employees’ well-being.”

Marie-Claude Laporte,
Via Rail’s Senior Advisor of Health and Wellness

Start moving today
  • Designed to drive healthy behavioural change with easy-to-access digital resources available 24/7. Anyone can easily get moving on a daily basis!

  • From reactive to proactive - our customizable content engine scales from individual to organizational preferences, so flexible to whether you want to take a hands-on or hands-off approach.

  • A focus on health outcomes helps you uncover what has the biggest impact on your workplace health. Our tracking measures provide insights on key program usage and ROI metrics.

  • Access to holistic care from a single platform, with a seamless transition to clinical services when combined with Dialogue’s other health and well-being programs.


Dialogue acquires Tictrac to introduce wellness offering to its Integrated Health Platform™

Provide your organization with science and clinically-backed wellness resources, designed to drive real change today to build a healthier tomorrow.

Adopt a comprehensive approach to
workplace wellness

Reduce absenteeism and costs associated with health conditions

Contribute to the total health of your members

Help prevent the onset of more serious issues

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Highlights of our Wellness program:

A wellness program designed to drive healthy habit adoption

Despite an increase in corporate wellness initiatives, workforce health continues to decline, and according to Statistics Canada, 80% of Canadians do not meet the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week.