What it is and how it can fill the gaps in your workplace mental health program

There’s no denying it: Mental health programs have become pillars of employee health benefits plans for many organizations in Canada and beyond.

Unsurprisingly, even before the pandemic, the employee mental health epidemic was on the rise – and now that the world is slowly returning to normal, mental health disorders are surfacing more prominently than ever before. 

If you’re looking for ways to add some muscle to your employee mental health program, you have to consider iCBT and the role it can play in elevating your organizational wellness.

What is iCBT? 

iCBT (internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy) is a virtual, self-guided, practical, structured, short-term form of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).

iCBT renders therapy practices available to your employees anytime, anywhere, with the ability to allow employees to access services autonomously and on their own terms. Gone are the days of having to wait for days, weeks, or even months(!) to consult with a therapist and get the help you or your staff members need, all thanks to its online, self-paced, 24/7 availability. 

Significantly increases the support level for mild to moderate cases without a significant increase in cost. 

Easily accessible, with no appointments to make and keep since members can be proactive about their mental health 24/7. 

Fully-integrated with Dialogue’s EAP and other programs which means:

  • iCBT is directly promoted and accessible from our EAP and other programs (with one multidisciplinary care team) to drive higher utilization and positive outcomes more quickly.

  • Patients can seamlessly be transitioned to practitioner-led therapy if needed. This leads to a longer continuity of care, instead of fragmented care that is so often provided by other mental health programs.

How does iCBT complete Dialogue’s EAP and mental health program?  

The introduction of Dialogue’s new iCBT service strengthens the EAP and mental health program offerings, providing an approach to mental health management that speaks to employees regardless of their communication preferences or comfort levels. Combined with Dialogue’s preexisting practitioner-led therapy services including EAP, Dialogue’s iCBT is a secret weapon. 

eHub’s programs were originally developed at the Australian National University by co-founders who have over 20 years of e-mental health experience. Most notably, eHub has the most established, proven programs in Canada, including 8 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and 19 peer-reviewed publications to validate its effectiveness at helping its members manage depression, anxiety, and other common mental health concerns. 

Best-in-class, with strong, evidence-backed content, Dialogue’s iCBT program is the missing puzzle piece that brings the whole picture together.  

Integrating iCBT within your organization’s mental health program 

While iCBT on its own is clinically proven to support mild to moderate cases of common mental health concerns, there is no one-size-fits-all mental health solution. Dialogue’s modular, integrated approach makes it easy to determine the right combination of programs and services for your organization that addresses both your members’ unique needs and preferences while respecting your budget. 

Here are some brief key reasons to incorporate iCBT into your mental health program: 

How will iCBT help your organization?

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Traditional therapy is a main staple in many organizations’ mental health programs, but there are many advantages that iCBT offers that aren’t provided through traditional forms of therapy. The main difference, however, is that members have the option of addressing and managing their own mental health support, rather than relying on a healthcare professional. 


How is iCBT different from other forms of therapy?

This clinically-proven method utilizes mental exercises that challenge unhelpful beliefs and, in turn, teach effective behaviours for dealing with anxiety, depression, or other emotional or mental health challenges. Highly successful and proven to show quick results, this approach is used by many therapists, including those in Dialogue’s care team. iCBT, in particular, is clinically proven to help resolve common mental health concerns, like mild to moderate cases of anxiety and depression. 

By adding iCBT to your mental health resource repertoire, your employees will be able to get the help they need faster and easier than ever before. In-person (or even live, virtual) therapy isn’t for everyone, and by investing in iCBT you’ll be opening up doors for your staff that will allow them to become their best selves in a capacity and cadence that they’re comfortable with.  

The reality is, despite existing mental health programs (and EAPs), mental health issues continue to grow. In fact,

with unmet mental health needs prefer to manage their mental health on their own. This demonstrates that the ideal mental health program offers a blend of self-led and practitioner-led therapy with a full suite of mental health services that is able to cater to every individual within your organization.

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After all, therapist appointments aren’t for everyone. Dialogue’s user research uncovered that mental health needs fall into four different personas:  

  • The explorer, who isn’t ready to speak with a therapist yet and prefers to try tools anonymously;
  • The aspirer, who wants immediate guidance and structure;
  • The initiator, who prefers to solve their mental health issues on their own;
  • The rationalizer, who wants time to express themselves and be deeply understood.

The reality is that not all of these personas are well-served by face-to-face therapy consultations. Since each of your employees is on their own unique mental health journey, a combination of different services is needed in order to serve all employee needs. This is where iCBT steps in.

By providing iCBT services to your employees, you’re opening doors for more of your employees to feel comfortable getting the help they need. Mental health initiatives have become increasingly more widespread within organizations, however, there is unfortunately still a stigma attached to the idea of seeking help for mental health issues. This can deter employees from speaking to a therapist live and in-person. iCBT offers the opportunity for employees who are hesitant to seek help to get the support they need at a speed that suits their specific needs best. 

Dialogue’s EAP and mental health services have proven to be worthwhile investments for many organizations. From self-care resources for those who prefer more autonomy to personalized, practitioner-led therapy, all of your members can easily get mental health support, regardless of their specific issue or care preference.

 Wondering how iCBT fits into the mix? Here’s how.  

Acquired by Dialogue in April 2021, ehub Health is a leading provider of iCBT programs, best known for its Moodgym and e-couch products, with over 1.5 million users worldwide.

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